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The prettiest book in all the land!

I found this edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray in Waterstones in Glasgow a few months ago. I went back to the shop a while later to buy the copy but it was sold out. After looking for ages on the internet trying to find out the name of the make, I stumbled across Knickerbocker Classics who make beautiful jotter-style editions of classic novels. The books are slightly wider than standard novels and have a strap to keep the book closed when you’re not reading. I think I might try to collect them all. They’re so pretty!

tumblr_nkovm3QLNQ1qic217o3_1280 tumblr_nkovm3QLNQ1qic217o2_1280

tumblr_nkovm3QLNQ1qic217o1_1280 tumblr_nkovm3QLNQ1qic217o4_1280

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