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I am “Author of the Month” on Short Story Sunday!

Today, I checked my emails, expecting to see another tedious spam message, to find out that I have won the prize of “Author of the Month” for my piece “Ivy Moon” on Short Story Sunday! I can’t believe I won!

I didn’t think my story would even get a look in because there are so many brilliant stories on the website and with over 200 members, I wasn’t expecting my story to get much attention, let alone votes! I win a £15 Amazon voucher and a copy of short story collection Unthology, so I can’t wait for those to arrive in the post!

I think it’s very difficult for young writers to get noticed when it comes to fiction as opposed to articles because by their nature of being accessible and easily digestible, articles are always more popular. So to receive this recognition and praise for a short story of mine (especially when I’ve been doubting my abilities in writing fiction lately) is amazing and I’m so happy! A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and if you haven’t read my story or visited Short Story Sunday’s website, click here!


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