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Nature vs. Nurture: Are Dogs Born or Taught to Be Dangerous?

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love animals – particularly dogs. Growing up on a farm and having grandparents who were farmers, I have always been around dogs, especially German Shepherds. In my opinion, German Shepherds are the most affectionate, intelligent, loyal and obident dogs I have ever come across and their unfair reputation of being a dangerous breed has always bothered me. Have a read at my new Cult Noise magazine article on Nature vs. Nurture: Are Dogs Born or Taught to Be Dangerous?

“Following the recent news story of the owner of a German Shepherd-type dog carrying away the body of Pug pup that his dog killed in Eglinton Park in North Ayrshire, the debate surrounding dangerous dogs has once again opened up a can of worms…

…Any animal is capable of attacking, but if your pet is raised in a happy, healthy environment, given lots of care, attention and appropriate discipline when necessary, then the result will be a loving and well-behaved companion. We need to realise that the issue with dangerous dogs is more about problem owners than it is about problem breeds.”

German Shepherds can be gentle giants. If you don’t believe me, have a look at this video!

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