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Does Religion Have a Place in School?

Read my latest Cult Noise magazine opinion piece: “Does Religion Have a Place in School?”


“One day, during an RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies) lesson in secondary school, I started asking my teacher a few questions about Christianity. I was always confused by the mix of love/hate messages portrayed by the religion. The paradox between ‘love thy neighbour’ and seeing radical Christians in America holding signs with messages such as ‘God hates fags’, ‘God hates whores’ accompanied by images of Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana, and other discriminatory and incredibly offensive slogans, I found it hard to wrap my head around what Christianity was really teaching. So, I started asking my RMPS teacher some (admittedly morbid) questions about Heaven and Hell.

“Miss, if a baby dies or a child dies before having the chance to learn about and believe in Christianity, would they still go to Heaven?”

“No. They would go to Hell.”

“Just for being a non-believer?”


Last month, the Scottish Education Minister said that Creationism should be banned from being taught in science classes in Scottish schools. In my experience of being in the Scottish education system, I have no recollection of Creationism ever being taught in SQA Standard Grade or Higher Biology classes. However, that is not to say that Creationist theory is not undermining or discrediting to the teachings of biological, and particularly evolutionary, theories in our schools. If Creationism had been taught in science at my school, I frankly don’t believe students would have allowed it. By SQA Higher level, pupils are no longer impressionable or naive and I believe that the teaching of Creationism in a scientific context would have caused upheaval among my classmates.”

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