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Month: July 2015

10 Reasons to Love Mhairi Black

Whether you are Scottish or not and whether you agree with Mhairi Black’s views or not, it is undeniable that her conviction, intelligence, passion, determination, empathy and genuine concern for the general public – especially those living in poverty – is admirable, inspiring and compelling.

A Disney/Pixar Summary of Tory Rule

I've always thought that Disney/Pixar films were filled with subtle hidden meanings (e.g. Snow White eating the magic apple could be a re-telling of Eve and forbidden fruit, and, Peter Pan could be a metaphor about children dying and being taken to Heaven etc.) and I realised that a lot of the dialogue in our favourite childhood films is still very prominent and relevant today.

Amy (Film Review)

As well as being uplifting, emotional and heart-warming, however, this film is also harrowing. Towards the end, the audience watches on in horror as Winehouse falls into the gripping depths of crack cocaine and heroin addiction; watching as her talent and ability to perform slowly slips away; and she crumbles on stage on several occasions like a frightened little girl.

The Changing Face of Unconventional Beauty

Read my new CultNoise magazine article on alternative ideas of beauty. In this article I talk about inner beauty, “unconventional” looking models (including Shaun Ross who retweeted the article!) and […]