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5 Game of Thrones Moments That Broke Our Hearts

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*Warning: Game of Thrones Spoilers*

Now that season five of everyone’s favourite fantasy TV series is over, I’ve found myself missing a new weekly episode so much that I’ve been reminiscing and looking back on the greatest moments of the first five seasons – even the sad ones. So why not wallow, greive over our favourite departed characters and have a look at our pick of some of the most heartbreaking Game of Thrones moments:

1. The Red Wedding

Red (the colour of blood) being the operative word. I thought weddings were supposed to be happy occasions. No, just me? Well, they’re more like blood baths in Westeros. Everything was going so well for the King in the North but he should’ve listened to his mum (because they always know best) and followed her advice not to betray the Freys in order to marry his one true love. At least they went in typical Shakespearian tragedy style – with everyone ending up dead. How romantic.

One of the saddest things about these scenes for me was that Catelynn saw it coming. Her women’s intuition kicks in yet again and she notices little subtle hints that everyone else misses. She hears the Rains of Castamere playing, she notices the doors closing and before you know it – she’s watching her baby boy being stabbed to death right before her tear-filled eyes.

This was a particularly hard one for T fans. The deaths were so quick and brutal that we didn’t even have time to grieve for one Stark before another was stabbed to death. We’re still traumatised.

We miss you, Robb! We want you back!

Season 3 – Episode 9 “The Rains of Castamere”

2. Khal Drogo’s death

Similar to Robb Stark’s situation, things had been going so well for Daenerys. She had freed herself from the shackles of her twisted, possessive brother Viserys; surprisingly fallen in love with the man she was forced to marry; fallen pregnant with his ‘stallion’ baby; and was becoming more powerful and stronger by the day. Everything was plain sailing. But then that evil witch Mirri Maz Duur had to go and use blood magic to leave our poor Drogo in a vegatative state and kill Dany’s unborn baby Rhaego – leaving Dany with little choice but to smother her beloved ‘undead’ husband.

As if Drogo’s death wasn’t sad enough, having Dany go from being on top of the world to being widowed and childless was heartbreaking. Viewers were certainly happy when Dany entered the fire and emerged with her beloved dragons but I think we would’ve been satisifed with a couple more minutes of deathly screaming from Mirri Maz Duur as she burned in the flames. She ruined everything!

Season 1 – Episode 10 “Fire and Blood”

3. Shae’s betrayal

Shae was the first woman who managed to succeed in turning Tyrion Lannister from the pleasure house’s best customer into loving marriage material. And we loved her for it.

The great thing about Shae was that she never let Tyrion feel sorry for himself when he pondered on his dwarfism or his facial scars from the Battle of Blackwater Bay. She never pitied him. She never abanonded him. She only loved him. That was until it came to Tyrion’s trial where he was falsely accused to murderering Joffrey when Shae was brought forward as a witness. Following Tyrion’s attempts to convince Shae to leave Kings Landing (for her own safety), Shae assumed that Tyrion didn’t love or want her anymore and took her revenge by joining the ‘Lets Frame Tyrion’ party.

The saddest part of this scene was when Tyrion asked Shae to stop and she replied with “I am a whore, remember?” This broke our hearts because we all knew that Shae was so much more than that to Tyrion.

How could you betray him Shae? He loved you!

Season 4 – Episode 6 “The Laws of Gods and Men”

3. Jon Snow’s sticky end (but I remain hopeful for a ressurection)

No. Not Jon. Anyone but Jon. Well, not anyone – we love Tyrion too. This was one of the toughest Game of Thrones deaths to watch. After narrowly escaping death in a terrifying battle with the White Walkers as the Night’s Watch attempted to get the Wildlings on side, Jon came home to even more trouble.

We knew that many of the brothers of the Night’s Watch were struggling with Jon’s decision to recruit the people they had been fighting for centuries, but come on, he was only trying to do the right thing and save you all from becoming creepy, pale zombies! This one was particularly heartbreaking because nobody, including Jon, saw it coming and the brutality of his repeated stabbing was horrific. But let us not despair just yet! There is a small glimmer of hope that the great Jon Snow could return if the Red Woman or Ghost has anything to do with it. I’m keeping everything crossed.

I for one also hope that Olly gets his comeuppance. I never thought I could hate someone as much as Joffrey and Ramsay but this guy comes close. That evil little beast!

Audience’s reaction…

Season 5 – Episode 10 “Mother’s Mercy”

4. Ned Stark’s death

It may have happened back in season one but I am still not over this. Everyone’s favourite Northerner, Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell, was one of the good guys. Why did you take him from us, George R.R. Martin? This point in the early days of Game of Thrones was like a good slap in the face for viewers as we learned that there was something different about this show. We learned upon Ned’s death that in this series, the good guys won’t always recover from their heroic injuries and sometimes the bad guys will triumph. The brutality of Game of Thrones is part of what makes it the show that we all love so much but, man, this one was a toughie to watch.

R.I.P. Ned.

The North remembers…

5. Ygritte’s death

I loved Ygritte. Everything from her sassy wildling attitude to her famous catchphrase “You know nothing Jon Snow”. She was the first and only woman who managed to make the dreamy Jon Snow abandon his Night’s Watch celibacy vow and enlightened him by showing that the Wildings aren’t all that bad. This couple were the true Romeo and Juliet of Game of Thrones – star crossed lovers that were forced to be on different sides. They never should have left that cave! We love you, Ygritte. But, sadly we will never again hear those mortal words…


Season 4 – Episode 9 “The Watchers on the Wall”

Game of Thrones might make us laugh and cry (mostly cry) but we still love it all the same. The wait for season six is going to seem as long as a winter in Westeros so we might as well binge-watch season one to five and relive all the harrowing moments that hit us right in the feels.

Are their any moments that broke your heart that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comment section below!

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