9 Reasons Phoebe and Joey Should’ve Got Together in Friends

I have another new CultNoise magazine article for today: 9 Reasons Phoebe and Joey Should’ve Got Together in Friends.

For all us 90s-00s babies who religiously watched Friends until we could rhyme off every single one of Joey’s cheesy chat-up lines, Chandler’s sarcastic jokes, Phoebe’s coffee-house songs, Ross’s attempts to woo Rachel, Monica’s frantic cleaning sessions, Rachel’s crying and even Janice’s catchphrases (“Oh. My. God.”), the ending of our generation’s fave series left behind one little loose end that drives us all crazy.

Rachel got back together with Ross. Monica and Chandler finally got their babies. ‘Mondler’ and ‘Rochel’ lived happily ever after. But what about the most eccentric and lovable pair of the Friends gang, Phoebe and Joey? Now, we know that Phoebe married Mike and Joey was never really interested in long-term relationships (hence why his open-ended situation at the end of Friends led the way for the Joey spin-off series) but come on – they were meant to be together! If you don’t believe me, look at the proof for yourself. Here are the reasons why Phoebe and Joey should have been Friends’ dream couple:

1. They Were Both, Shall We Say, Unconventionally Musical

2. They Always Flirted And Favoured Each Other Over Everyone Else In The Group

Phoebe and Joey always had inside jokes and were still nice to each other, even when they were mad or upset.

3. They Were Both Body Confident And Oozed “Raw Sexual Magnetism” As Phoebe Would Say

Joey loves pizza and likes being curvy. Phoebe owns it and lets everyone know how confident she is. They were perfect for each other.

4. They Would Have Completed Each Other

Joey had a large family with lots of siblings. Phoebe was abandoned, with hardly any relatives and always wanted a big, happy family. If Phoebe and Joey had got married, Phoebe would finally have had the family she always wanted and Joey would’ve finally had a real relationship.

5. They Were Both Eccentric, Childlike And Wonderfully Weird

They always accepted each other for being different from the norm and embraced each other’s special strangeness.

6. They Were Touchy-Feely And Always Looked After Each Other

Phoebe and Joey always comforted each other in their times of need and had a bond that no other two people in the group had.

7. They Clearly Loved Each Other. I Mean, Come On!

Aww, they were so cute!

8. They Even Made Plans For A Future Together

Phoebe and Joey always joked about making plans to run away from the group and be together. Why didn’t they do it?!

9. And Look At How Many Times They Kissed – They Were Meant To Be

They kissed more than any other platonic pair in the group.

“Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go but this is for life.”

– Phoebe Buffay

I know it wouldn’t really have been feasible to have all the pairs in Friends (Monica and Chandler, Ross and Rachel, Phoebe and Joey) to get together and live happily ever after but, man, Phoebe and Joey would’ve made a damn good couple, wouldn’t they?

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