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The Soundtrack to Your Freshers Week


I have an article published in the print edition of the August/September issue (Fresher’s edition) of Scotcampus magazine!

I’ve been writing for Scotcampus since around January 2015 and I mostly contribute to the online content of the magazine so I’m really pleased to have a piece in the print edition this month! Here is the scanned image of my piece The Soundtrack to Your Freshers Week in this month’s magazine:

scotcampus article

You can listen to the Fresher’s playlist on Spotify! There really are some gems in there:

During my Scotcampus internship in April, I also helped out behind the scenes at the Scotcampus Fresher’s Festival photoshoot and took a few snaps myself; some of which you can see in the spread below:

scotcampus photoshoot

To view the rest of the magazine, you can pick up a copy in several student locations in Glasgow and across Scotland or view the PDF version below:

What do you think of our Fresher’s Playlist? Let us know in the comment section below.

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