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Sophie’s Choice: Made in Chelsea LA (TV review)

Published by Student Rag magazine.

So, our favourite bunch of incestuous toffs are back and this time they’ve left behind the luxurious borough of Chelsea and Kensington, London, and flitted off to Los Angeles, California – you know, as you do – to create MiC’s latest summer instalment: Made in Chelsea LA.

At the opening of the new reality some-scenes-have-been-created-for-your-entertainment series, we find Binky and JP in a state of limbo with their friend/relationship; Jamie struggling to accept that his and Jess’s brief romance has fizzled out; and a shock break up with Josh abruptly dumping Stephanie “to focus on work” only weeks after asking her what kind of engagement ring she’d like. (My thoughts on this one are that Josh is being a bit of a coward and using a, quite frankly, pathetic excuse to break up with Steph. I mean, come on, just admit that you want to be single and stop lying about it!)

Last night’s episode saw the gang go on a trip to Las Vegas where they stayed out clubbing and gambling until 6am, Jamie and Alex had a pretend wedding conducted by the king of rock n’ roll himself Elvis Presley (well, almost), and a tiff between Jamie and his new love interest, Nas. Considering that Jamie often falls hard for girls and “loves the hunt but loses interest when he’s caught his prey” as the charming Alex Mytton put it, it’s no surprise to long serving audiences that Jamie has allegedly cheated already. I mean, it’s just expected from almost everyone in Chelsea, right? But on this occasion, I felt bad for Nas. The LA girl has just met Jamie and despite warnings from Jamie’s ex’s including Lucy, Louise and Jess, Nas is in that rose-tinted-glasses, lovey-dovey phase that seems more like teenage puppy love than anything really serious – I mean, they were suddenly exclusive after only one date for goodness sake!


After admitting to JP and Alex that she’s never had a connection with someone so quickly before, Nas has really left herself in a vulnerable position where she is open to getting hurt as everyone starts acting a bit fishy and are clearly concealing information about Jamie’s recent womanizing activities. (The details are still hazy but I think we’ll find out in the next episode if Jamie has actually cheated or not, or if he will again.)

Although seeing the Chelsea boys and girls in a new setting with new people, seeing Alik return from New York to be with Louise and watching sparks fly between Binky and JP (who both clearly like each other but just won’t admit it!) was all good, this episode was a little bit of a flop. If you’re going to take us on a trip through our TV screens to Viva Las Vegas, at least show us the crazy nights out and things getting messy. We know MiC isn’t exactly Geordie Shore but we still want to see the cast getting ridiculously drunk and making fools of themselves rather than just hearing about it during the gossip sessions the next morning.

One of the downfalls of MiC is that the cast clearly have more control of what is filmed than on other reality shows. We see the cast “bumping into each other” and having drama in sophisticated and controlled settings but the camera always cuts away to ‘the morning after the night before’ shot just when the night out was starting to get interesting.

But the real reason I’m complaining about this is because I want to see more and because I’m a little bit addicted to watching their love triangles, bitch fests and dramas unfold and, of course, I’ll still be tuning in next week.

The next episode of Made in Chelsea LA airs on E4 on Monday at 9pm.

Featured image via Lucy Watson Instagram.

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