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Guest Blog: “Lego” by Georgia Wilkinson

Introducing moon child‘s first guest blogger: Georgia Wilkinson!

11998757_10153506091894034_790007233_nI am a 19-year-old student going into my third year at Strathclyde University, where I study English Literature with Creative Writing. Originally from Fife, I now live in Glasgow during term time. I write on a freelance basis for my university newspaper, The Strathclyde Telegraph, as well as CultNoise magazine, and I frequently publish other reviews and more creative writing pieces. I currently run two blogs, Georgia Can’t Shut Up where I publish a range of my writing, and Our Girl In Otago, where you can follow my upcoming exchange to Dunedin, New Zealand.

You can follow Georgia’s work on Twitter and Tumblr too!

“Lego” By Georgia Wilkinson

While clearing out my brother’s room, we found the greatest of all toys; a big massive box of Lego. As my 15-year-old, too-cool-for-anything-that-isn’t-Xbox-or-WWE brother slouched off, muttering darkly about his dork of a sister, I dived in squealing. Because Lego is the best toy ever.

I don’t say that lightly. There are many excellent toys – Tamagotchies, Rubix Cubes, Transformers, the list goes on – but none of them even come close to Lego. And here’s why.

It’s super duper uber incredibly versatile. In one afternoon’s work playing with this:

picture 1

I made this:

picture 2


picture 3

and this:

picture 4

picture 5

Apart from the versatility of the toy is its aesthetic. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of raking through Lego – the feel, the noise, the seemingly thousands of blocks running over and over each other over your hands. It’s really very satisfying to take a great big jumble of sharp edges and bits with weird pictures on them and turn it into something, even if that something is going to be scrapped for parts straight away. I even found myself enjoying that most frustrating of frustrations – raking through what seemed to be an entire box of 2’s when I needed literally anything else.

Best of all, Lego makes an excellent, cheap and easily available defence mechanism. The next time you find yourself on your own in the house and jumping at shadows, sprinkle a liberal handful of Lego under all of your doors and windows and rest easy knowing that the second someone tries to break in, you’ll know all about it. Just remember to tidy up in the morning, or it could backfire…

So there you have it – Lego is the best thing there is. Don’t believe me? Go and play with some.

A few words from the primary blogger – The reason I chose to feature Georgia’s work on ‘moon child’ is because, while Georgia is able to write thought-provoking and serious articles on social issues and current affairs, she also has a remarkable talent for humourous, light-hearted and whimsically inventive pieces too – just like this one!

Featured image courtesy of Mike via Flickr.

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