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Guest Blog: “An English Girl’s View on Scottish Independence” by Sophie Dishman

Introducing ‘moon child’ guest blogger: Sophie Dishman!

11429872_804417526332227_2152456830230444518_nI am a 21 year old student studying Journalism at the University of Sunderland. I have a keen interest in politics and international relations as well as mental health, carers issues and disability.

I am also a blogger and Youtuber, writing and talking about my experiences of being a student and more. I have keen interests in all areas of journalism, but my particular favourites are radio, print and online journalism.

Previous to studying journalism, I was a social work student at the same university.

You can follow Sophie’s work on her blog Musings of a Journalism Student, on her Twitter and Facebook profiles and YouTube channel.

Guest Blog- -An English Girl's View on Scottish Independence- By Sophie Dishman

“An English Girl’s View on Scottish Independence” by Sophie Dishman

It’s just over a year since the Scottish Independence Referendum. A whole year on since Scotland said ‘No’ to becoming independent from the rest of the UK. I have to admit that I’m not entirely knowledgeable in this particular area of politics, so you will have to bear with me on that one.

What I do know is that for people in England, we were waiting. Waiting with anticipation. I cared about what happened. I used to live near Scotland so you could say I had some vested interest. People over the age of 16 were able to vote in the referendum (something I would love to happen in England too) and to contribute towards the decision that would affect the future of their country.

Devolution of power is a controversial subject anywhere in the UK. Some people want power devolved to local councils, others want London to control all of the money. That’s where opinion is split. Scotland wanted a majority devolution of power, whilst keeping the monarchy and the pound. In England, or in my own little world, I like the pound and I like the monarchy, but I want power to go to my local council to decide where the money is spent. I want them to hold the purse strings.

However, if I lived in Scotland, I think I would have voted to stay in the UK. I think the people of Scotland benefit a lot from being with the UK – free university education if you study in Scotland being one of them. London provides Scotland with the money to do that. Why would you want to leave? That is just my opinion though. I’ve never lived in or visited Scotland (but I will someday!) so my perspective is a little limited.

I should mention the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon and of course, SNP’s Mhairi Black, the youngest MP in Parliament for 100 years. Two powerful women, I may add. Nicola championed the ‘Yes’ camp, along with the then First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, campaigning for Scotland to be removed from the UK so it could stand on its own two feet. That was Nicola Sturgeon’s belief and she stuck to it. Mhairi Black on the other hand is championing the voice of young people. To be honest, these are two of the most identifiable people in Parliament at the moment, besides the Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

So in short, I did care about the referendum. But I don’t think it would have affected me personally to a great extent. I think that Nicola Sturgeon had a great campaign, but evidently it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe next time?

A few words from the primary blogger – I chose to feature a guest blog by Sophie because I think she is an extremely talented writer and journalist. I love Sophie’s blog and even though she has only just started her journalism degree, she already has a huge head start as she has created an excellent portfolio of work for great causes including mental health and carers issues.

You can also read Sophie’s blog post where I feature in herA Day in the Life Series” to talk about my experience as a Creative Degree Student.

If you’d like to guest blog for ‘moon child’, visit the guest blogging page for more information.

Featured image made on Canva by Sophie McNaughton.

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