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Editing @ The University Paper, Glasgow – Freshers Edition


The Freshers edition (September/October) of ‘The University Paper, Glasgow’ with me as Editor is now live online!

As the newly appointed Editor for the Glasgow edition of The University Paper, I am thrilled to be able to share the online version of this month’s edition with you all! It was a really great first edition for the new academic year and a lot of fun to put together (despite the stress!) and it’s something that I and all the writers can be proud of.

There’s nothing quite like picking up a newspaper and seeing your name in print but it’s also handy to have an online version too so that anyone from anywhere in the world can have a look at the stories we found including: a Strathclyde graduate who has invented a rape/personal attack alarm with GPS and audio, fascinating research indicating that Scottish universities are less likely to accept students from disadvantaged backgrounds and much more!

You can also find the articles I wrote for this edition in png form below –

(Click on the images to zoom in)

uni paper rape alarm story

uni paper bi story

uni paper scrounger story

The next edition of The University Paper, Glasgow will be distributed on October 26 so stay tuned for more Glasgow news stories, comment pieces, music articles, interviews, sport and much more!

If you’re a student studying in Glasgow and you’d like to write or photograph for The University Paper, please email me at:

Let me know what you think of these articles in the comment section below!

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