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Sophie’s Scran: Restaurant Review of wagamama

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It’s been a little while now since I’ve done a food blog so I thought I’d write up a post on my new favourite restaurant – wagamama in West George Street, Glasgow. As anyone who knows me well will know, I’m a very fussy eater – bordering on the ridiculous. So, finding new food that I like isn’t the easiest task as – like a baby – I usually need to try something 100 times before I know if I like it or not.

Since wagamama is a restaurant serving oriental cuisine and vegetable dishes, I wasn’t expecting to like very much on the menu since it was all new to me. But, to my surprise, I loved everything I ordered.


I’m not the biggest fan of curries so instead of a main course, I ordered a starter and a side, or ‘two mini mains’. The side was the duck gyoza – five tasty fried duck dumplings served with a spicy dipping sauce. I would definitely recommend this dish, especially to someone who is just starting to try out oriental food as it isn’t too spicy, and the crispy dumplings are like little yummy duck samosas. Never mind five, I could’ve eaten about a hundred of these!


My other ‘mini main’ came in the form of the pork belly and panko apple hirata steamed bun – a fluffy Asian bun stuffed with pork belly and panko apple, served with Japanese mayonnaise and coriander. I had tried Asian steamed buns before (with shredded duck instead of pork) and they’re one of my favourite foods so I was excited to see this on the menu and it didn’t disappoint. Like the gyoza, the steamed bun is mildly spiced, fresh, light and tasty – making it the perfect starter/side.


And last but not least, I also ordered a little something from the dessert menu. This adorable miniture white chocolate cheesecake comes in at only £1.75! The mini cake also comes in passion fruit, or ginger flavour, or a chocolate fudge cake. Considering how rich cheesecake is, this mini cake was surprisingly filling and I’d say portion size isn’t too much or too little – it’s just right.


Another plus about wagamama, aside from the de-lish food, is that you can also order green tree for free. My fussy-eater-ness also affects which drinks I like and, as a result, I hate tea and coffee and most hot drinks. I ordered the green tea expecting to dislike it but, surprisingly, I loved it and drank the whole thing!

Now, I have either crossed over into some kind of paralell universe where I enjoy all food, or wagamama is doing something right. Whether it’s for a light lunch or a family night out, wagamama is the perfect choice for  a wide variety of delicious starters, mains and desserts with a spicy oriental twist.

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