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CultNoise Appeal: Dismantling Islamophobia after Paris Attacks – Get Involved!

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Published by and re-posted from CultNoise magazine.

– Please contribute to our CultNoise project if you can in order to dismantle prejudice attitudes. –

In light of the terrible events on Friday (November 13), in which approximately 127 civilians were killed in Paris through a series of terror attacks reportedly committed by ISIS, we at CultNoise are appealing for readers to get involved in dismantling the onslaught of Islamophobia and racist posts that filled Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds in the aftermath of the attacks. These posts have inspired many people to take to social media in response and to dispel the myths and misconceptions of Islam:


While many have jumped to blaming the entire Islamic faith, verbally abusing innocent Muslims, and inciting hatred and racism, we are appealing for Muslims and/or people who have studied the Quran to share their opinions with us to be included in a piece demonstrating what Islam truly stands for. As many are falsely starting to believe that Islam teaches, condones and promotes violence, we want to hear the real story and to show that Islam is a religion that teaches peace and harmony, not of violence and cruelty; to show that ISIS violates Islamic beliefs and teachings. We aim to illustrate that extremism and radicalisation are not representative of any religion, and that the so-called Islamic beliefs of ISIS militants are merely twisted and contorted to match their own violent agenda.

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How to get involved:

If you would like to contribute with your thoughts on what Islam means to you, please send an email to, including the following email address in the CC line: and Please include:

– Your name

– Age

– Occupation

– And your opinion on what Islam represents for you

If you would instead prefer to remain anonymous in your contribution, simply let us know. We want to create a genuine article with real opinions, therefore your words will not be changed or misinterpreted, nor will we reveal your identity in any way. However, hate speech for Islam or any other religion will not be tolerated nor published.

We very much appreciate any contribution from our readers, especially in this case, as we feel passionately about dismantling all kinds of discrimination and prejudice. Thank you from all of us here at CultNoise Magazine.

Header image courtesy of Themeplus via Flickr. Edited with Canva by Sophie McNaughton.

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