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Sophie’s Scran: Di Maggio’s Psychic Night

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As a lover of Italian food, I’ve always been a fan of Di Maggio’s and when I found out they were hosting a series of Psychic Nights at their restaurants across Glasgow, I was intrigued (and hungry).


Whether you’re a cynic or a believer in all things spiritual, this deal is a steal even for the food alone. For only £30, Di Maggio’s are offering a 15-minute private reading with one of psychics from the June Harrison and Friends company, and a 3 course dinner (from a set but varied menu) .


To start, I naively ordered a Caesar salad (with crisp cos lettuce, grana padano flakes, sprinkled with homemade garlic croutons & tossed in Caesar salad dressing). I say ‘naively’ because I had never tried a Caesar salad before and I’m not a salad fan, but I didn’t like the look of anything else in the starter section because, as we’ve established, I am an infuriatingly fussy eater.


The salad looked delicious and while I’m sure Caesar fans would’ve loved it, it wasn’t my cup of tea (ironically, I don’t like tea either) and I ordered some garlic bread instead. (Maybe one day I’ll grow out of my fussy-eater-ness.)

Thankfully, I had no problems picking a main course and ordered a pizza Americana with Italian salami, homemade sausage and mixed roasted peppers. This picture doesn’t do this pizza justice – it was huge.* Having a mix of salami and sausage on top of thick stonebaked slices is a sure-fire winner in my bool, and Di Maggio’s Americana certainly didn’t disappoint. This is the ultimate meal for pizza lovers, and I’d highly recommend.


And for dessert – a hot chocolate fudge cake: a deep dark fudgy chocolate cake served warm wit vanilla ice cream with a delicious warm chocolate sauce. Seeing the portion when it arrived at the table, I was worried it would be too much and that I’d struggle to finish but Di Maggio’s chocolate fudge cake is rich and filled with chocolatey goodness, yet still light – and de-lish.


After dessert, it was time for our readings!

I like to think of myself as openminded but a part of me was a little skeptical that I would be told a lot of vague premonitions and generalisations that would be so loosely interpreted that pretty much anyone could relate to them, but I was pleasantly surprised and quite taken aback with my reading.

The lady who did my reading told me to pick tarot cards, 3 each from two different packs – and then 3 more towards the end, and turned the cards over one by one to talk me through what each one meant. I was stunned by the amount of specifics the psyhic was able to give me, including precise detail about my family and their current health (which was spookily accurate), and details about family members who had passed. And she even knew the name ‘John’ was important to me – the name of my grandpa who passed away when I was around 6 and who I was very close to.

The psychic was also able to tell me about my own personality, saying that: even when bad things happen, I always find a way to laugh (which is true); I hate when people panic and worry because it doesn’t help anyone, and I just get on with things and never worry (very true); and that I hate when people sugarcoat things, I want to be told the whole true (also very true). She was also able to tell me about things happening in my life right now, with specifics on my studies and friendships, and things that will happen in the future. On that side of things, we’ll need to wait and see to find out if she was right.

Even if you are a skeptic, I would still recommend June Harrison and Friends because even if you don’t believe or take anything profound away from the experience, you’ll still have fun and get a taste of what the psychic and spiritual world is like. I was reluctant at first and only gave one word answers to be sure not to give too much away, but I would find it very hard to logically explain exactly how the psychic was able to know the things she told me.

I couldn’t have been happier with my psychic night as the food was excellent, the staff were very attentive and alert, and everything in my reading was specific, detailed and scarily accurate. Whether you’re looking for some kind of comfort, reassurance, prediction or just a fun night out, Di Maggio’s Psychic Night is a great event to attend.


*The pizza was so big that I couldn’t finish it and took half of it home for breakfast the next day. (Breakfast of champions?)



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Images taken by Sophie McNaughton. Featured image created on Canva.

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