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‘moon child’ Blogmas: Remembering 22/12/14


For day 3 of ‘moon child’ Blogmas, I thought I’d do something a little different. Today marks the first anniversary of the Glasgow bin lorry crash where six people died just three days before Christmas. And when I was looking through my desk this morning, I came across a dusty piece of paper with a poem I wrote shortly after the tragedy happened.

I was in Glasgow the day of the crash having lunch with a friend who I was supposed to meet outside Queen Street Station around the time the crash happened. But, luckily, she ended up getting a later train. We were in Gourmet Burger Kitchen when the emergency services started rushing past and we learned what had happened.

The atmosphere in Glasgow that day was something I had never felt in the city before – it was eerie, quiet and somber. While the incident was a terrible tragedy, seeing the way Glaswegians pulled together to support the victims and their families was remarkable. I wrote this poem with the intention of laying it among the flowers and cards at Royal Exchange Square, but I didn’t have the heart to do it. I felt that it wasn’t good enough to leave among the other messages. But, when I found it today, I decided to share it.

I originally wrote the poem on my typewriter, so this is a scanned version. To zoom in closer to read the text, simply right click on the image, then click on ‘view image’.


Featured image courtesy of Flickr.


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