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moon child // The Wonders of Pinterest


One of my favourite social media sites that I’ve had for a long time but recently rediscovered my love for is: Pinterest.

Pinterest is essentially a wonderwall of pictures, collages and moodboards that allow you to build your own dream life and aesthetic in your own little pretty corner of the internet. On my Pinterest, for example, I have a board dedicated to my favourite animals: mostly pictures of German Shepherds, other dogs, cats, elephants, snakes, big cats and more. I have a board called ‘dream home’ (basically a lot of typewriters and pretty desks), a board called ‘Scotland’ (filled with spectacular landscapes from bonnie Caledonia and all things Scottish), a board dedicated to fashion, hair and beauty (mostly Kylie Jenner in french briads), and even a board dedicated to my favourite film and book: Trainspotting, and more!


Pinterest is a haven for artists and creatives, and is a great hub of inspiration whether you’re an artist, photographer, writer or designer.

The great thing for me being able to create my own little world on Pinterest is that I can also post my articles, short stories, and blog posts on the site! I can simply click on ‘add pin’ and insert a link to one of my pieces, and straight away I have a new platform to introduce my writing to a wider readership.

Pinterest is so varied, diverse and packed with anything and everything you can think of that even if you’re looking for a cake recipe, summer holiday destination inspiration, makeup advice, arts and crafts ideas and everything in between, you’re bound to find something you’ll love here.

The other handy aspect of the site is, if you’re like me and are constantly having ideas and then forgetting them, you can save or ‘pin’ images that contain something that you want to try out/buy and go back to them later.

If you already have Pinterest or if you’re thinking of setting up a profile, visit my page and click ‘follow‘! I follow everyone back and I’m always on the look out for cool new pictures of fashion, food, tattoos, animals, literature and much more.

What do you think of Pinterest? Let me know in the comment section below.


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