moon child // Creative Nonfiction Published by Quotidan Literary Magazine


My second piece of writing published in the current issue of Quotidian literary magazine went live this week!

I’m so excited to have my flash creative nonfiction piece ‘Thunderstorms and Midge Swarms‘ published with Quotidian. You can now find this piece in the current issue section of the Quotidian website – along with my other published piece, short story ‘Sonder‘.

This piece of creative nonfiction is a little bit of an ode to ‘home’ in its various definitions to me; from my bedroom to Scotland itself and everything in between.

Here is an extract from ‘Thunderstorms and Midge Swarms’:

Two ex-smoker’s-coughs. The buzz of an electric toothbrush. The springing of bread out of a toaster. The click of a boiled kettle. Junk mail rattling through the letter box. Hailstones clattering against windowpanes…

But home isn’t just a house, the place where you sleep…Home is the glistening, sugar-gauzed scent of the crisp air the day after the Scottish rain. It is buskers and bagpipers in Buchanan Street. Gift shops in Arran. Fish and chips in Largs. Irn Bru and rolls n’ square sausage. Dour faces and dry humour. Pessimism and pride. Ferocity and friendliness. Wit and Ignorance. Home is Trainspotting, Braveheart and Rob Roy. Paolo Nutini, Amy Macdonald and Twin Atlantic. Home is singing/shouting Loch Lomond at the end of an 18th birthday party…

Click here to read the full version of my creative nonfiction piece ‘Thunderstorms and Midge Swarms’ on the Quotidian literary magazine website.

You can follow Quotidian on Facebook and Twitter.

What did you think of this piece? Let me know in the comment section below.

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