moon child // Summer Update


So, it’s not *technically* summer yet. But when it’s 30 degrees in Scotland, it is summer. My classes have come to an end and I (luckily) only had one exam which is all done and dusted, so I’m finished for third year and off until September.


Knowing I’d have a lot of time off this summer, I decided to apply for the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland Vacation Scholarship, a scheme we were encouraged to apply to in one of my English classes this year. The vacation scholarship is a scheme that students studying in Scotland in their third year of an undergraduate degree can apply for to receive funding for a research project during their summer break. I applied to do a creative writing research project and proposed to write a collection of Scottish short stories written in a variety of Strathclyde urban dialects following a group of friends studying in Glasgow. Writing in Scots is something I’ve always been interested in but it’s an area I haven’t had as much opportunity as I would like to study or practise. I outlined the plots for each story along with many other details of my project, submitted my application, and I’ve been awarded the scholarship!

I have now began my project and I am currently working on one of my short stories called ‘Cake’ which I’m really excited with so far. As well as writing the collection, I also proposed to self publish the collection and it will become available on Lulu, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble for anyone who’d like to buy a copy in August when the project is complete. You can read more about my Carnegie Project on my LinkedIn page.


Summer School

As well as my creative writing research project, I have also been allowed the amazing opportunity by my university (Strathclyde) to study abroad for a week-long summer school at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands! I will be in Nijmegen in August this summer to study ‘Dutch Culture and Language’ for a week as well as several excursions and activities. While in Nijmegen, I will post daily, if I can, with photographs and travel/study blog entries talking about my experience of exchange study.


Image courtesy of Ton Nolles via Flickr.

Are you doing any projects or studying abroad this summer? Let me know in the comment section below.

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