Scran: Self-Published Series of Short Stories


Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be awarded a Vacation Scholarship by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland and chosen to be a Research Intern by the Research Interns at Strathclyde programme to research 21st century Scottish literature and to write and self-publish my own series of Scottish short stories. I worked on my creative writing research project this summer (and wrote a mid-internship blog about it) and now it is finally complete! My self-published short story collection is called Scran (a Scots word for food).

Here is a short blurb about Scran: a series of Scottish short stories –

Following Kayleigh through an encounter with a stranger in a Glasgow pub, Freya’s surprisingly amusing trip home to attend a family funeral, and Rebecca’s traumatic experience of her first ever hangover, ‘Scran’ is a series of stories exploring what it means to be an unsure 20 something living in Scotland in 2016.

‘These stories both amuse and move and announce Sophie McNaughton as a bright new voice in Scottish fiction…’ – David Kinloch

Scran includes three linked short stories, a glossary of Scottish terms used throughout the collection, a few Scots poetry extracts, a playlist so you can ‘listen’ along to the stories, a concluding critical reflection, a bibliography of the texts and resources I studied, and a foreword by Professor of Poetry and Creative Writing David Kinloch who supervised my project.


You can buy your own A5

paperback copy of Scran here!

If you buy Scran, take a selfie with your copy or let me know what you think and use the hashtag #scranshortstories.


What do you think of this project? Let me know in the comment section below.

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