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Published by Quotidian literary magazine and runner-up in New Zealand International Robert Burns Poetry Competition, featured in Dunedin Public Libraries e-magazine.

thair its thair
aht foax again
rummagin throo ma bins
bold as ye like
boxin day
dain ma boax in

its fureezin
ahm only in ma slippers
sa ah canny go oot n hunt it
no in this weaer
snaws awfa deep

aht foax hus goat ma wheelie bin tipped rite oor
n its firin intae ma auld boax eh special kay
ahm hauf hopin an auld crismas
cracker goes aff in its face

ahm aboot tae shout
hawl you move
but then ah see a wee cub behin it
scamperin oot fae eh hedge
wan two three
three cubs
scurryin across ma gairden
mad wee ginger snouts
n bushy tails too big fur thair boadies
nosin throo leftover pigs n blankits

awk ah feel bad noo
ah widny hurt they wee cubs fur thi world
neither ah wid

its pure cute seein um
a wee faimily
munchin away oan herb n garlic stuffin

ah cin heer eh wains screamin
n sum disny fulm playin
n ah cin smell turkey gettin reheated
n ahm hinkin aboot how much lecky is burnin
while ah munch toast n luk oot eh back windae
in ma new crismas jammies wae her pink goonie oan
since ah didny get wan

n ahm watchin eh wee foaxes
thair wee sharp mooths full eh fruit cake
in aboot ma rubbish
in thi snaw
in ma back gairden
huvin thair ain crismas dinner

enjoy bois
merry crismas


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