Melissa Chan’s Literary Book Gifts / Promo Code

Do you know someone who has scribbled, underlined, highlighted, and put dozens of post-it notes in the battered, crumpled old copy of their favourite novel? Or someone who has never missed a book signing by their favourite author and always manages to get to the front of the queue for a personalised message in their copy of the latest release? Or maybe someone who was right there in the front row, on the edge of their seat, clutching an extra large bag of popcorn at the midnight screening of the film adaptation of their favourite book?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Literary Book Gifts is the perfect place to look for something special just for them.

The best and most memorable gifts are always the ones that you know had genuine thought and creativity put into them. And that’s where Melissa Chan comes in.

What is Literary Book Gifts?

I spoke to Melissa, owner and designer of Literary Book Gifts, a small company bringing books to life, about the inspiration behind her business.

‘I started Literary Book Gifts as a way to make unique and interesting shirts for teachers, librarians, and generally anyone who loves to read. Launched earlier this year, it carries t-shirts and tote bags in tons of designs ranging from gifts for Edgar Allan Poe fans to those who love the great classic Moby Dick.’

‘I run the business myself and launched in early 2018. Each and every design is inspired by the particular themes of the novel. I also draw much inspiration from art history and in particular, the art nouveau movement.’


Whether you’re looking for a gift for a Wuthering Heights or Dracula fan, Literary Book Gifts has something for everyone.

The designs are inspired by imagery from the novels from the ominous graveyard scene for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein tote bag and matching t-shirt, to the classic raven on the Edgar Allan Poe clothing.

With the rise of literature-inspired design, Melissa has created a way of transferring the portable magic of books into fashion design with a range of high-quality tote bags, t-shirts, and hoodies; perfect for bookworms and literature students who want to wear something from their favourite novel, short story, or poem.

Use the code SOPHIEMCNAUGHTON20 at the checkout for 20% off any order from Literary Book Gifts.

What do you think of Literary Book Gifts? Let me know in the comment section below. 


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