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Category: poems


Published by Quotidian literary magazine and runner-up in New Zealand International Robert Burns Poetry Competition, featured in Dunedin Public Libraries e-magazine. here thair its thair aht foax again rummagin throo […]

moon child // Burns Window Project

In commemoration of Scottish poet Robert Burns and in celebration of Burns Night (January 25th), The Globe Inn in Dumfries, said to be Burns favourite pub, held their annual Burns […]

Dreamcatcher: A Poem

Brewing more frequent, vivid and tangible dreams in those five minutes of lucid awakening than in the entire star clustered night, I bumped into consciousness. Stirring in bed and stretching […]

Sugar and Salt (Poem)

     The street at the top of the park hill was an endless row of The Identical; as if mirrors were aligned along the tarmac on the road, reflecting the […]

(In) Hiding: A Poem

The windows were open but the curtains were closed. The sunlight poured through the thin lime fabric; diffusing dusty liquid sunshine into this dark room, where I watched in silence […]

Stereoscope. A Poem.

You lived within a sphere of scorching sun, tropical rain and green grass. A thick bubble floating in time, upside down from the outside. A small infinity, containing a million […]

The Fairest of Them All. A Poem.

The apple was plump, ripe, bursting with juicy flesh like the curves of my body that I hide with frilly layered gowns. Sweetness and untainted goodness rolls, grows and solidifies […]