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Category: short stories

Kidnap: Short Story.

Dear Milly, I folded this letter as many times as I could to make it really tiny and I gave it to the big guard man at the fence next […]

Before I Forget: A Short Story.

I familiarised myself with Luna’s case file as I waited for her to arrive. The early morning sunlight crept through my office window, cascaded across the room and clung to […]

Something: A Short Story.

For as long as Hollie could remember, Donald hung in her grandmothers hallway, trapped inside an ornate wooden frame, which was once gold but now murky brown as the paint […]

Ethel’s Lagoon: A Short Story.

“Your turn, Christie. Truth or dare?” Emma asked, quickly glancing at Jess as they shared an eager, mischievous grin. “Dare,” I blurted out, immediately regretting my choice as the wind […]

Feline: A Short Story.

  The end. Her irises had the texture of reptile scales, like small circles of crinkled foil or thin flakes of gold. They burned a radioactive, liquid, lime green that […]

Enchant: A Short Story.

I. Paloma had lived in Madison all her life with her mum, dad and little brother Cody. Madison was a small tight-knit village cut off from the surrounding towns and […]

Ivy Moon: A Short Story.

I clumsily stumbled off the train into the frosty, crispy air of Glasgow Central Station after my gruelling nightshift. My feet ached, my eyes were stinging and I was yawing […]

Myrtle: A Short Story.

Hattie clambered up into bed and rolled herself up inside the cold pink Barbie quilt, imagining she was a snug little worm, wriggling around with a human head. Footprints crept […]