Slinked in between customers at the bar and a small sea of chairs and tiny round tables cluttered with half-empty pint glasses, my friends and I are squashed and standing on a floor sticky with spilled booze waiting for the man himself to emerge on stage to try out his new material.

As we wait, I look around to see the audience members who have been brave enough to sit in the seats closest to the stage. These courageous souls better have thick skins because they are directly in the firing line for the infamous “slaggin’ of a lifetime” from Boyle who has an incredible talent for ripping people apart with only a first impression as ammunition.

Every aspect of Boyle’s hilarious routine from his dry, cold-hearted one liners, to his extravagant and exaggerated assaults on famous figures like David Cameron, to his articulate and eloquent critiques on modern society and politics is like a breath of fresh, maybe slightly pungent, air because Frankie Boyle does something very unique with his comedy, in that he deconstructs the unspoken, mutually-agreed, socially-accepted society of secrecy we live in and diminishes taboo subjects down to comedy fodder. He makes sensitive topics and outrageous scandals more accessible and open to conversation.

Extract from Comedy Review: Frankie Boyle “Work in Progress” at The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow.