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Tag: family

Sophie’s Choice: The Tribe (TV Review)

Read my new TV review as part of my Student Rag magazine Sophie’s Choice blog. This week, I reviewed the opening episide of Channel 4’s new documentary series The Tribe, […]

The Little Girl – Short Story

It had been over a month since the Robertson’s had moved into their new house and Douglas was still sulking about it. Their new street was so plain. All the […]

What Loose Women Is Missing

I’m all for powerful women. Women with opinions, career women, ballsy women and, above all, women supporting each other which should make me a fan of the ITV lunchtime chat […]

Something: A Short Story.

For as long as Hollie could remember, Donald hung in her grandmothers hallway, trapped inside an ornate wooden frame, which was once gold but now murky brown as the paint […]