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Tag: politics

Refugees Welcome: The People Have Spoken

Published by CultNoise Magazine. Today, David Cameron finally bowed to the overwhelming public outcry, and immense national and international pressure urging Britain to do more to help in the Syrian refugee […]

10 Reasons to Love Mhairi Black

Whether you are Scottish or not and whether you agree with Mhairi Black’s views or not, it is undeniable that her conviction, intelligence, passion, determination, empathy and genuine concern for the general public – especially those living in poverty – is admirable, inspiring and compelling.

A Disney/Pixar Summary of Tory Rule

I've always thought that Disney/Pixar films were filled with subtle hidden meanings (e.g. Snow White eating the magic apple could be a re-telling of Eve and forbidden fruit, and, Peter Pan could be a metaphor about children dying and being taken to Heaven etc.) and I realised that a lot of the dialogue in our favourite childhood films is still very prominent and relevant today.

Intern Diary: News writing at The National

In April, I did my first ever work experience writing for Scotcampus for two weeks in their Glasgow office. This internship was great because the editors at Scotcampus really gave […]